Defining Generation Z

Generation Z (Gen Z) is quite a unique generation. Gen Z has grown up in a time with adversity that very different from any of the generations before them. Tim Elmore put together a list of ten characteristics to help adults understand the Gen Z reality.

  1. New Normal - Gen Z has grown up in a time of a global pandemic that altered the way daily life is lived.
  2. On Demand - Time on streaming services increased exponentially this year, not to mention school "on demand" through virtual classes.
  3. Multicultural Mix - More than any other generation, Gen Z is multi-racial and diverse.
  4. Instant Access - Googling a question to get instant answers is almost reflexive. Gen Z is not used to waiting for answers.
  5. Woke Culture - Gen Z values what they perceive as equality or equity as informed by "woke culture".
  6. Immediate Feedback - Gen Z expects responses instantaneously. Online homework, teachers, social media and employers are expected to respond quickly.
  7. Constant Contact - Gen Z values connection. A screen is often on 24/7 leaving little space for silence.
  8. Blended Family - Gen Z defines family, gender and sexuality differently than ever before. What used to be considered "binary," is now expanded to a spectrum.
  9. Anything Goes - They grew up in a time when traditional moral values were being questioned.
  10. Panic Attack - Gen Z is the most anxious generation in US history leading to more suicidal thoughts, depression and loneliness.

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