Ditching American Girl

American Girl is not the same company that you may have once known and loved. While the company formerly promoted stories of friendship, love, adventure and patriotism, the content released in recent years has become more and more "woke." This week, however, many parents are deciding that they've had it with the company.

American Girl recently published a book called Body Image: How to love yourself, live to the fullest and celebrate all kinds of bodies. Despite the title encouraging young girls to love and accept their own bodies, the book does just the opposite. It tells young girls that their bodies may be a mistake. In the book, there is a section on transgenderism. It claims some girls may be born in the wrong bodies and encourages them that their doctor can prescribe puberty blockers to help them transition. It makes no mention of the lasting medical side-effects these drugs have on young girls, nor does it touch on the social or spiritual harms.

American Girl used to take young girls on adventures through history, teaching the joys that come in girlhood. Now they are actively taking the beauty and joy of femininity away. This Christmas, it's time to ditch American Girl.

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