Embracing God's Mercies Amidst Uncertainty

As a mother herself, Jen Michel understands the pressure many parents are faced with as they prepare to educate their children from home this fall.

In a recent article, she encourages parents to invite these four concepts into uncertain situations:

  1. Embrace the value of waiting. Michel acknowledges that patience has been the "most necessary virtue" throughout this year. Pointing to 2 Peter 3:9, she writes, "Waiting reveals where we place our hope - either in God's immediate action or in his inviolable promises, which he never fails to keep." This reminds us that even when life isn't good, God still is. 

  2. Embrace the curriculum of the everyday. Take the opportunity to renew your resolve to read Scripture as a family and be intentional to disciple your children. 

  3. Embrace belonging to the family of God. Recognize the limits of your capacity and share your needs with others. Jen wrote, "This academic year, there's an invitation for Christians and churches to creatively (and safely) shoulder our collective burdens and discover a family bigger than our nuclear one. As Paul reminded the Corinthians, there is no isolated suffering (or celebration) in God's family."

  4. Embrace the ministry of neighboring. "Just as Jesus took on flesh in order to 'neighbor' us, we can be present in our neighborhoods for the good of our cities and for the glory of God."

As we head into fall, your routines and responsibilities may be disrupted. Continue to remind yourself of the mercy that is new each morning, reflecting on the invitation from God: be still and know that I am God (Psalm 46:10).