Facebook's Virtual Graduation


On May 15, Facebook will celebrate the class of 2020 with a week of graduation features and a commencement program. Facebook is redesigning their user experience so that graduates can host their own virtual graduation ceremony and party via Facebook. Special features will include: a virtual graduation hub, custom filters, family and friend celebrations enabled by Messenger Rooms and more.

While these tools will serve as a great asset for graduates and their families, there are a number of elements parents should be aware of going into Facebook's virtual graduation week. With a commencement address delivered by Oprah Winfrey and cultural influencers like Awkwafina, Jennifer Garner and Lil Nas X sharing words of wisdom for the class of 2020, parents should be ready to engage in conversation with their teen and take advantage of an opportunity to analyze the worldview that is being communicated.

If your family chooses to participate in the online commencement event on May 15, be prepared to share with your teen a biblical perspective of the wisdom being shared.

Consider using the following questions to start a discussion in your family: 

  • Who are the commencement speakers calling you to emulate? 
  • How should believers view success? 
  • What should drive or motivate us? 
  • Where are the speakers encouraging listeners to place their hope? 

Humanity is innately created to follow someone and live for something. Embrace the opportunity to impart truth and talk about who and what makes life worth living.