Four Dangerous Parenting Styles

The infograph on the right is telling in what Tim Elmore believes to be "the new methods of coping with our new realities."

"While none of these methods are tragic, they do signal a different way of coping with our busy lives," Elmore wrote in a recent blog.

"When my kids were toddlers we gave them a pacifier when they became fussy or fidgety. Today, 90% of preschool aged children are on a tablet or portable device amusing themselves," Elmore wrote.

According to the article, four parenting styles that may exemplify poor leadership in families and "unhealthy outcomes in the children" include parenting styles centered on preoccupation, paranoia, passivity, and defenselessness or pandering.

Elmore encourages parents to evaluate their parenting style and behavior. Is there something that could be changed in order to produce healthy outcomes in your child's character? How can you better model values and traits you would like your children to replicate?