Free For a Limited Time

For a limited time, we are offering you the opportunity to download the Abstinence Clearinghouse's e-book The Casualties of Kinsey for free.

Alfred Kinsey, a social "scientist" of the 1940's, spent his lifetime ripping down the institution of the family and pushing homosexual, pedophiliac, and bi-sexual relationships as normal, socially acceptable behavior. He is the father of the sexual revolution, the one who told America that sex could be "casual" and that sex could be made "safe."

The stories presented in The Casualties of Kinsey are real stories from real people. Perhaps the stories in this e-book will strike a chord in your heart. Maybe you have been involved in sexual activity and you are not married. Perhaps you are hurting, either physically or emotionally, because someone violated you. It is never too late for healing. It is never too late to find redemption and hope.