Guide to Mentoring Fathers

If you are an experienced dad, you have a great opportunity to mentor other fathers within your circle of influence. From dads who care for their own children to seasoned grandfathers, fathers of all types can make a difference.

By tapping into your reservoir of fatherhood knowledge, you can offer your time to other fathers in need of guidance. By giving just a little time each week, you can make a difference. Many men, especially young men, have become fathers without understanding the responsibility and commitment that is involved in raising children. Some fathers may not have had the guidance of their own father, and could benefit from your fatherhood experience. Whether reaching out to a dad with whom you are already close, or volunteering to work at a mentoring organization or local pregnancy center, you can help increase the chances of children succeeding in life and contribute to combating the father absence crisis.

Want to learn more about becoming a mentor? Download the National Fatherhood Initiative's freeĀ Guide to Mentoring FathersĀ today!