How to Find Joy When You're Single

Embracing singleness can be difficult, frustrating and seemingly never ending. But have you ever thought about the positives this period could bring to your life? Focusing on God's plan - serving Him and the others around you will allow for a perfect plan to be brought to life. Check out the ideas below as to how you can continue to stay content, find peace and enjoy singleness.

Start a gratitude journal - Think of life's moments that bring you happiness. No matter how big or small, writing memories down can serve as a wonderful reminder.
Do something that you couldn't do if you were married - Don't let your dreams and goals get thrown to the wayside, but rather accomplish them before you say "I do."
Pour yourself into someone else's life - Mentoring someone can be a big encouragement and benefit to your outlook on life. Inquire at your church or within your community for opportunities like this.