Initiating Change & Combating Pornography

Accessing pornography is increasingly easy due to technology. The statistics can be overwhelming.

  • Over 40 million Americans are regular visitors to pornography websites.
  • There are 42 million pornography websites totaling 370 million pages of pornography.
  • The pornography industry's annual revenue is more than the NFL, NBA and MLB combined. It is also more than the combined revenues of ABC, CBS and NBC.
  • 47% of families in the United States reported that pornography is a problem in their home.
  • Eleven is the average age that a child is first exposed to pornography. By age 14, 94% of children will have seen pornography.

Realizing that pornography is a systemic societal issue is the first step in overcoming the numbers. Men, women and children are susceptible to exposure and addiction. If you are struggling with pornography, or know someone who is, consider looking into the following resources:

  • Control the content that comes through your devices by using an internet filtering and accountability software like Covenant Eyes.
  • Be encouraged by men and women who have experienced healing. Delivered shares stories of individuals from a variety of backgrounds who found hope and healing.
  • Go through the Conqueror Series with a group of trusted, like-minded individuals.
  • Share The Truth About Pornography with parents, educators and students. The booklet assists readers in identifying triggers that may lead to viewing, seeking accountability and developing a long-term success plan.
  • Engage in discussion with your children about sexting, safe technology use and learn how to react if your child unintentionally views pornography.
  • Find additional articles and resources HERE.
*Statistics from Barna Group and Covenant Eyes