Lies Young Women Believe: I Can't Handle the Loneliness of Staying Pure

A young girl enrolled in a Christian middle school gave voice to the great loneliness many feel in their quest for purity. She said:

I think that at my school, having sex is normal. Everybody has either had sex or they are really close to it. That is something I struggle with a lot. I wonder if I am going to wait. It is all about the moment for me. I struggle with waiting.

"An overwhelming number of young women admit they [have] felt lonely in their quest to live a pure life," wrote Dannah Gresh in a recent article. "It's easy to dwell on the loneliness when you are trying to honor the gift of sex and wait until marriage."

As a fifteen year old student attending a Christian high school, Dannah compromised in her convictions and found that "the worst loneliness lies in the aftermath of compromise."

Being one who was active in her youth group and in leading Sunday school she felt like a fraud. "I just knew that could never happen to me," she wrote. "After all, I was a Christian girl who believed in purity."

By God's grace, Dannah has found forgiveness and healing despite her former choices. "In time the Lord graciously healed up my heart. He gave me a great Christian husband who was a virgin on our wedding night and has extended much forgiveness to me."

Today, Dannah encourages young women to pursue purity and virtue through Pure Freedom Ministry. She believes that a commitment to purity challenges a woman to safeguard her heart until the time is right to awaken love. She also encourages young women that while "this often feels painful and even lonely...the pain of self-denial is far better than the pain of self-destruction."