Life Unstuck

God wants us to be reminded and refreshed by the complete and unshakable knowledge of our redeemed life. He wants us completely restored from things that keep us stuck in the past, and He wants us set free to joyfully anticipate all he has planned for our future.

In her book, Life Unstuck, Pat Layton uses Psalm 139 to lay out a clear plan for every woman who senses there may be something missing, something hidden, or something unspeakable keeping her from fully experiencing the freedom found in Jesus.

The truth is, we cannot experience a life of freedom and hope past if we have not truly dealt with our stuck past. You might get to where you feel your past is unstuck, but guess what? Tomorrow - today - will be your past! We are a work in progress. Take the journey one step at a time and allow God to do a new thing in your heart and in your life through His Word. With that freedom, the best days of your life unstuck begin.