Listen: "Like My Father"

Jax - Like My Father (Lyric Video)


American singer-songwriter, Jax, released a song this summer about her parents and how they've influenced and shaped the characteristics that she wishes to pursue in a future spouse.

In the song, Jax sings, "I need a man who’s patient and kind, gets out of the car and holds the door. I wanna slow dance in the living room like we’re 18 at senior prom and grow old with someone who makes me feel young. I need a man who loves me like my father loves my mom."

Parents have the unique honor and privilege of demonstrating what marriage should look like for their children. By example, parents can show their children a sacrificial love and true intimacy to aspire to in relationships, and especially in marriage.

In the final verse of the song, Jax sings, "And if he lives up to my father, maybe he can teach our daughter what it takes to love a queen. She should know she’s royalty."