Longing to be Loved

Lynsi Snyder, president of In-N-Out Burger, has fond memories of her father growing up. Her fond memories are also coupled with memories of hospital visits. She was too young to understand her father's severe drug addiction. After Snyder's father passed away her world shattered. She found herself looking to fill a void. Shortly after her high school graduation, she found herself married at 18 to a man she knew was not right for her. Snyder was soon divorced and began dating another man.

Despite knowing the consequences of her father's addiction, Snyder also began using drugs. After two more marriages and numerous affairs, Snyder realized the void she felt could not be filled by another person. "You could see where someone that just wanted that love and appreciation was getting further and further from what she wanted," Snyder said in her White Chair interview with I Am Second. Snyder started believing the lies that she deserved what she was getting until she discovered true peace and grace.

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