Make Schools and Libraries Safe-Zones

Last fall the Abstinence Clearinghouse shared a campaign informing parents and educators of the sexually explicit content that has made its way into schools and libraries across the country. Libraries were created to be safe environments for children and individuals within communities to come together to pursue education and character development. They are now sharing explicit sexual content. We ask that you again present information to your local Parent Teacher Association to protect K-12 students in your area.

According to the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCSE), schools and libraries are fostering unsafe, unhealthy environments for children in three primary ways:

1. Inadequate or non-existent computer and Wi-Fi filters to prevent exposure to pornography
2. Online school databases that expose children to pornography, normalize sexually violent and risky acts, and promote prostitution
3. Inadequate or non-existent filters to block pornography on school-owned devices like iPads or laptops that are distributed to children

Learn how you can create a packet to present to your school district by clicking HERE!