Make Your Home Teen-Friendly

The bottom line: Teens want to hang out with their friends. As a parent, it is important that you make your home a welcoming place for other teens so your children feel comfortable hanging out with friends within the safety and comfort of your watchful eye. This simple act of opening your home can make a profound difference in your child's life as you help them escape harmful behavior because there is "nothing better to do."

Here are a few helpful tips in making your home fun for teens:

  • Have an area available where they can be on their own. While this space should be fun for teenagers, you can occasionally breeze in and out. Dropping in with snacks or drinks is a good way to check in and get to know your teen's friends.
  • Invest in a few activities with your teen in mind. Electronics, a Foosball table, games, a fire-pit or basketball hoop can help make your home the "go-to" hang out spot.
  • Have snacks available. Foods that are fun for teenagers will make all the difference in the world.
Finally, keep your standards and do not be afraid to set limits. Do not let objectionable movies, alcohol, tobacco or drugs into your home. You set the rules and enforce them and the kids will respect them.