Mastercard and Visa Quit Pornhub

After years of being on the National Center on Sexual Exploitation's "Dirty Dozen List", Mastercard and Visa are severing ties with Pornhub. The New York Times recently ran an investigation on Pornhub's relationship with rape and sexual exploitation. Following the public outcry, Mastercard announced that they were no longer processing any purchases for Pornhub and Visa announced that it was indefinitely suspending all of its transactions with the website. Since PayPal cut ties with Pornhub in July 2020, Visa and Mastercard were among the last credit card companies keeping Pornhub in business.

After Mastercard and Visa's announcements, Pornhub announced changes to their platform, including limiting uploads to verified users, prohibiting most downloads and increasing moderation. While Mastercard and Visa's decisions to cut ties with the site are good news, the changes Pornhub is making do little to fix the systemic issues with the site. Pornhub continues to profit off of sexually exploiting women, men and children, while promoting the sin of lust. 

As we rejoice knowing that darkness is being brought to light, please join us as we continue to pray and seek the removal of this harmful website.