Monitoring Your Teenager's Online Activity

There are many apps parents can use to monitor their teens social media activity and amount of time spent online. In addition to regular conversations about technology and online safety, using apps to monitor family technology use may help foster positive conversations between parents and teens. Parents may also find apps like Norton to be helpful in monitoring the amount of time spent online. The following apps are among several that can empower a parent to know what's happening on their child's phone:
  • Norton: This allows you to set phone time limits and filter web content coming in.
  • TeenSafe: This allows you to track your child's calls, texts, GPS and social media activity.
  • MobSafetyRangerBrowser: This enables you to view your child's website browsing and set time limits.
  • PhoneSheriff: This enables you to do all of the above, but is available for fewer devices.
  • DinnerTime: This allows you to limit phone internet use during family meals.
  • Qustodio: This allows you to track and set phone curfews which cause phones to shut down.