Motherhood in the Age of COVID-19

This Mother's Day is sure to be a unique one as many families across the world are still quarantined in their homes. While COVID-19 has caused distress in our hearts, it has also highlighted the beauty and importance of sacrificial motherhood. One could argue that motherhood is the most "essential" of all jobs. Dr. James Dobson said, "There is no assignment on earth that requires the array of skills and understanding needed by a mom in fulfilling her everyday duties."

In a recent Breakpoint article, author Shane Morris describes the beauty of motherhood in the age of COVID-19. Morris writes, "At a time like this, confined to home by events out of our control, I see more clearly what the Psalmist meant when he called the wife of one who fears the Lord 'fruitful vine' flourishing within his house. Right now, these four walls often reverberate with the sound of chaos. But if I listen closely, especially when Gabi is singing hymns with the kids, I can hear that choral music."

Even during this time of uncertainty, a mother's voice continues to be one of the sweetest melodies of all.