Navigating a Technological World

"Have you identified some specific concerns about your teens? Is it their impatience? Their multitasking that you interpret as rude? Entitlement attitudes? Not enough sleep? Complaining? Academic apathy? Quick boredom? Depression? Believe it or not, it's not their fault they are that way."

In her book, Screens and Teens: Connecting With Our Kids In a Wireless World, Dr. Kathy Koch offers encouragement, as well as practical wisdom, to adults who have the wonderful opportunity of better understanding, as well as helping young people navigate through a rapidly-moving, technological world while not feeling overwhelmed by it. Dr. Koch examines how technology has the ability to not only improve communication, but also has the capability to change our brain makeup in the process. In regards to thinking about how this biological change takes place, as well as not feeling discouraged by this development, Koch states: "Our brain patterns, and our thinking minds, can be transformed in good ways as well. It's one of the ways God is good to us: He is able to transform our minds."