Netflix's Squid Game

´╗┐The dystopian drama Squid Game is at the top of Netflix's charts all around the world. The Korean sensation has become the center of cultural conversation and has spurred many memes across social media—especially among GenZ on TikTok.

Squid Game features characters in dire financial need who wake up in the "Squid Game" where they are competing for their lives and billions of Won (Korean currency). The show is rated TV-MA and is disturbingly violent. Each episode is similar to an R-rated Hunger Games. Despite Squid Game's graphic nature, young children have been watching it. One father tweeted "If I had known, I'd have not let [my six-year-old daugher] watch it. But I learned about the show after she watched it on her tablet."

Netflix has some of the strongest parental control capabilities. Parents need to utilize parental controls and filters to protect their children on every app and device they use.

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