New to Netflix: 365 Days

Netflix recently debuted a new explicit movie, 365 Days (rated TV-MA). Since its debut on June 7th, the film has consistently trended as the number one movie on Netflix in the United States. This is incredibly troubling, as the content of the movie is highly demoralizing.

365 Days is an adaption of a Polish book about an abusive relationship. The story follows a young hotel marketing executive as she celebrates her birthday in Italy. While there, she's kidnapped by a member of a Sicilian mafia, and he holds her captive against her will. This man tells her that he's been fixated on her since he saw her once five years prior. Ever since then, he's had one goal: to make her "his own." He gives her 365 days to fall in love with him, and if she doesn't, he'll supposedly set her free.

365 Days romanticizes Stockholm Syndrome and glorifies the toxic relationship between the two main characters. It includes many graphic sex scenes, including rape, sexual assault and physical violence. One viewer of the movie called it, "the closest thing to porn on Netflix" and another observed that 365 Days makes the Fifty Shades franchise "seem tame by comparison." There is nothing worthy or respectable about this movie.

Talk to your older children about the dangers of watching this movie and others like it. Ask if they have friends who have seen it and what their reaction was to the graphic content. Take the opportunity to have an open conversation with your child about how to approach content like this from a biblical context. You may find verses like Philippians 4:8, Psalm 119:9 and Luke 11:34-35 helpful as you communicate with your child.