New to Netflix: Sex, Explained

In 2018, Netflix teamed up with Vox to produce Explained, a documentary web television series that attempted to explain different issues in an intelligent yet entertaining way. This show is controversial at best, but their 2020 spin-off takes things too far.

Sex, Explained is Netflix's new addition to the Explained series. Narrated by Janelle Monáe, the episode titles range from sexual fantasies and attraction to birth control. Netflix has always been good at enticing young viewers to be exposed to content centered on teen prostitution, pornography, hook-up culture and more. The clickbait title of the series is overstepping boundaries.  

The authority of parents as the primary educators of their children must be respected. Young people need to learn about God's beautiful gift of sexuality from their parents, not Netflix. Communicating God's design for development and sexual intimacy within the context of marriage needs to be expressed by parents. Likewise, the lies and misuse of God's intended plan for sex need to be discussed in the home.

Not sure where to begin these conversations? Developing a relationship with your teenager that encourages open conversations and gives your child the opportunity to feel heard and understood is a step towards routine dialogue to discuss difficult topics. Even if your past reflects poor choices, you can still speak truth in the lives of your children and grandchildren. Consider the following tips from the book Abstinence 101:

  1. Treat sex education as a process. Educating children about sexual integrity is not a one-time lesson but an ongoing process.
  2. Be honest. Many young people are looking for honest answers about what to do on dates, how to interact with the opposite sex and how premarital sex can affect their future.
  3. Be a loving guide, not "just a friend." Parents need to be a mature voice of wisdom in their children's lives.

In addition to regular conversations and discussions, setting parental controls on Netflix can help filter out negative content from your family's streaming options.