Now in Session

Around the country, state legislatures are currently in session. This means that legislators are writing, debating and passing laws that will affect the day to day lives of Americans.

In Minnesota, lawmakers are attempting to pass comprehensive sex education (CSE) into state law. This was previously attempted in 2019, but failed to pass the Senate. Now it is back again. CSE removes all natural and protective boundaries for children and teens, encouraging early sexual exploration in graphic detail. It uses pornographic illustrations and graphic descriptions to teach children as young as 10 that all 'consensual' sexual activity is their right. CSE also normalizes all gender identities and permits unlicensed organizations such as Planned Parenthood (PP) into the classroom. PP already teaches 4th graders that oral, anal and vaginal sex are "normal," as is masturbation alone or with others.

It is our duty as informed citizens to use our voices to promote virtue in our states' and country's laws. The laws that are put into effect today will affect us for generations to come. Take the time to look into your state legislature's proposed bills for 2021. Email or call your legislators and show up to committee hearings to make your support, or opposition, known.