One Woman's Marital Struggle

In a recent podcast created by Dr. Josh and Christi Straub, the couple addressed the following question submitted by a regular listener: How can I stop feeling wrong and dirty about sex with my spouse?

The discussion that ensued was both honest and telling. The woman who submitted the question admitted that she experienced difficulty allowing herself to be physically involved in her marriage after growing up in a home where sex was perceived to be dirty and wrong. After four years of marriage she was still finding it hard to be physically intimate with her husband.

The podcast's hosts point out that many of their friends experienced some of the same thoughts when they were first married. When speaking to teens, it is important to emphasize the reality that sex is inherently good. Sex should not be viewed as bad or negative. Communicate with clarity. You may wish to incorporate a biblical perspective when talking to your own teens. It is important that teens know:

  1. Sex was created by God. Sex in the context of marriage is a good thing and an amazing gift that God gave us to enjoy with someone with whom you have made a lifetime commitment.
  2. Pornography and sexually charged entertainment provoke lust, and lusting is like committing adultery. The Bible says we are to flee from temptations that cause us to lust or engage in sexual immorality.
Listen to the full podcast by Dr. Josh and Christi Straub HERE.