Pornhub Hosts Illegal Content

Pornhub and its parent-company MindGeek are known for preying on people by posting explicit videos without the subjects' knowledge or consent. They do very little to remove such content when it is reported, and it ends up getting posted over and over again. When women on a college field hockey team were secretly filmed showering and changing in a locker room, that footage was uploaded to Pornhub and another MindGeek company, XHamster, by a predator. Now, nine courageous women have sued XHamster and Pornhub for this crime. 

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) joined their lawsuit as co-counsel. Several of the videos from the "Hidden Camera" genre were uploaded by "verified" users. NCOSE senior legal counsel, Dani Pinter, said, "This reveals Pornhub’s verification process for what it is: a sham. These women deserve every ounce of justice for their abuse and exploitation, and for the egregious violation of privacy."

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