Pornography in School Libraries

The pandemic had a major impact on education. When children were attending class virtually from home, most parents had a front row seat to what their children were actually learning in the classroom each day. Since then, parents' eyes have been opened to the many issues regarding their children's education.

One issue parents are concerned about is the books readily available in their children's school libraries. Some books found in school libraries are considered by many parents to be pornographic with explicit content. Almost all of the problematic books relate to homosexual, transgender or non-gender conforming relationships.

Parents attending school board meetings to address the controversial materials most commonly cite three books: All Boys Aren't Blue, Gender Queer and Lawn Boy. These books depict graphic content including sexual experiments, oral sex between 4th graders and abuse. All three books were written for adults, but are commonly found in school libraries because they were listed on the American Library Association's annual Alex list for their "special appeal to young adults."

These books should not be made readily available to school-aged children and must be removed from school libraries. To read more, click here.