Post-Roe Sex Education

Since the Dobbs decision was released in June, our country has changed. Women nationwide are discussing how they will cope without easy access to abortion. More broadly, many men and women are thinking about how they want to prepare the next generation for a world without abortion (ironic, we know). Unfortunately, they have come to the belief that comprehensive sex education (CSE) is the answer to their questions.

A simple Google search of the term, "comprehensive sex education," yields pages and pages of results proclaiming that more sex education is the solution to the new post-Roe concerns. Across the country, school districts are updating their sex education programs to include more information about sexual orientation, gender identity and contraception. CSE is linked to increased sexual activity among teenagers. Since contraception is not 100% effective, many teens using contraception will still find themselves in unplanned pregnancies. This curriculum is incredibly harmful to children, and parents are raising their voices at local school boards. The only form of "safe sex" that is 100% effective at preventing STDs and unplanned pregnancies is abstinence until marriage.

To look up CSE curriculum in your state, click here. For advice on how to get involved in your local school board, click here.