Re-establishing Boundaries

God calls us all to lives of purity. But when society encourages single men and women to pursue physical intimacy in dating relationships and young people are taught to view abstinence until marriage as "unattainable," many stumble and fall into sexual sin. It is important to remind young people that God offers mercy and freedom from sin and shame! It is possible to re-establish the boundaries that you previously crossed and pursue a healthy relationship.

Eric and Erica Giesow write for Boundless, a ministry of Focus on the Family. Together they share their advice for re-establishing boundaries based on their experiences seeking purity while dating and now as husband and wife.

  1. Have a unified vision of purity. Living pure lives won't work if a couple cannot agree on what purity is.
  2. Get honest. Before setting boundaries, a couple needs to be honest about areas of struggle and temptation so that they can effectively help each other.
  3. Set practical boundaries. Setting practical, measurable boundaries, such as establishing a 10 PM curfew for time alone together, will help a couple move forward.
  4. Get accountability partners. Recruit mentors or friends to hold you accountable to your new boundaries.
  5. Call a time-out when necessary. If things have just gone too far, it may be good to take a break and repent as individuals.
  6. Celebrate victories. Be encouraged on your road to purity! No small victory should go unnoticed.
  7. Commit to starting anew! If you have repented, move forward with freedom. You can either identify with the shame of your sins, or you can identify with God's grace and mercy!

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