Risk the Breakup

Risk is scary. Risk means leaving the safety of your comfort zone. But risk is a necessary part of life. Those who are unwilling to take risks often find themselves trapped in situations they don't want to be in. And Christians cannot be afraid of risk when it comes to relationships either. Sloane Wilson wrote a blog for Moral Revolution about when to take risks in relationships. Fear is never a good leader for what we should be doing with our lives. If you are not breaking off a relationship because you are afraid, you need to take a risk. If a relationship is not serving your end goal, it likely means you need to risk the breakup. "What I learned is that breakups are a bridge to your final destination. They are not the end of the world." Be rooted in your identity in Christ. He will give you courage and strength to take the necessary risks. To read the full blog from Sloane Wilson, click HERE.