School COVID-19 Health Survey Included Questions About Sexuality

Parents in Washington state were surprised to learn that a COVID-19 health survey issued to students without parental consent included inappropriate questions about sexuality and gender. The survey, issued to students in grades 6-12, received backlash from many parents in the Bethel School District.

One father of a 12-year-old girl who took the survey told local radio station KTTH, “I do not trust the public school system any longer. Once she is exposed to it, you can’t un-ring that bell."

"I do my best to protect my daughter’s innocence at this age,” the father said. “I don’t allow her to watch rated R movies that have sexual content in them. We don’t allow certain magazines and monitor her internet usage. It’s infuriating when the school pushes back against my value system.”

The father rightfully concluded that as his daughter's parent, he is the one who ought to decide what she is taught regarding these important topics, not the local school district.