Sharing God's Love

In a world that is overwhelmed with discouraging news, it is vital to be intentional about sharing God's love with others, especially those who are hurting. A parenting blog post from Focus on the Family shares a few ideas for sharing God's love with others.

  1. Share struggles. It is easy to feel as though our struggles are burdensome to others, but we can share God's love by letting others know that they are not struggling alone.
  2. Be compassionate. Others don't always need someone to come in and "fix" their problems or discouragements. Often, what others need is a genuine listening ear and someone to show compassion to them.
  3. Be generous. You don't need to spend tons of money to be generous. Take the time with your family to cook a meal, bake treats or make a card for someone who is walking through something difficult.
  4. Presence over presents. In difficult seasons, loneliness can be an enemy. We may not always know what to say, but that's okay. Simply being there for another person is a great way to show them God's love.

Teaching your children to love others when they are most in need is one of the best lessons and can have a lifelong impact. To read the blog, click here.