Snapchat Victory: Cosmo After Dark Discontinued

On May 18, Cosmopolitan released a new Snapchat channel on the social media platform that, in its own words is "an X-rated weekly edition that goes live every Friday at 6 p.m. and is exclusively dedicated to all things hot and horny."

According to Protect Young Eyes, the Cosmopolitan channel "After Dark" hosted numerous articles including The 19 Best Sites to Binge-Watch Porn On and The Steamiest, Most X-Rated Sex Party ConfessionsThe Snapchat channel was also becoming a portal to pornography websites.

The social media outlet was met with opposition from engaged, observant parents around the country who were outraged at the content being shown to their children through the app. On Thursday, May 24, Snapchat announced it would be discontinuing the "After Dark" pilot edition.

The discontinuation of Cosmopolitan's Snapchat channel serves as a great reminder to be aware of what is being advertised through various social media platforms. Although the content of many social media sites has been age-gated, users under the age of 18 can falsify their birthday to forgo restrictions. Learn more about Snapchat through the Abstinence Clearinghouse's article 4 Things Parents Should Know About Snapchat.