Staying Grounded

You're a recent high school graduate ready to take on the world, but the nerves have set in and college is just a few short weeks away. With so many feelings and thoughts flooding your mind, are you equipped to stay grounded and remain you? Remember you're not alone!

"I keep hearing 'college is the greatest time of your life,' and hear of how much people change and grow in college. I want to change and grow, but I feel like now I'm putting so much pressure [on myself]...that I have officially freaked myself out..." - College Bound Student
Don't let the discomfort of the unknown get to you, but instead remember these tips:
- Build a positive and healthy friend group
- Find a mentor who will continually check-in with you, talk about life and challenge you in different ways
- Get involved in a local church or young adult bible study
Remember that over committing yourself can be harmful too. Knowing your boundaries will set you up for a successful first year in college!