Talking to Your Children About Pornography

Having an ongoing conversation with your children about pornography is the best way for you to help them reject pornography. It is important to have these conversations early and often.

There are three questions parents commonly have about talking to their children regarding the dangers of pornography: when should I have the conversation, how often should we have the conversation and what should I say to my child.

Covenant Eyes wrote a guide for parents, answering these three questions:

  • When should I talk to my child about pornography? While you don't want to interrupt the latency period, you also want to speak with your child before their first exposure to pornography, which is happening at an earlier and earlier age thanks to the accessibility of the internet.
  • How often should I discuss pornography with my child? Your child trains several times a year on how to react to a fire at school. Similarly, you should discuss pornography several times a year so that they know how to react when they encounter it.
  • What do I say? There is no age formula and each of your children is different. Conversations about sex and development are not "one size fits all." Honor each of your children, recognizing that some may be further along than others in their emotional development. When you believe the time is right, define pornography in an age appropriate way, discuss why it is harmful, teach your child how to react, and talk about where and when they may be confronted with pornography. The biggest thing is that you are prepared for conversations when questions and opportunities arise.

For additional ideas on how you can start a conversation with your child, check out the parent's guide created by Covenant Eyes.