Talking with the Parents of Your Child's Friend Viewing Pornography

Jen Ferguson found herself in a difficult circumstance. Her daughter, a sixth grader at the time, was working on a collaborative project with a friend at school and clicked the wrong tab on her friends computer which led to pornography.

Jen and her husband were able to help their daughter process what she had seen, but were still concerned about their daughters friend who was likely still viewing pornography. This led them to have a conversation with her parents.

Here are a few of Jen's tips published by Covenant Eyes for talking to parents of your child's friend viewing pornography:

Deal with Your Own Emotions First, Then Act
Jen expresses experiencing great anger in having worked so hard to protect her daughter's devices. Yet, she and her husband were powerless when it came to protecting their daughter from the devices of others. "Access to porn is ever-evolving," Jen wrote. "Even when we think we have all the bases covered, there are usually still opportunities where our kids can be exposed."

Be Helpful, But Not Pushy
Although it may be tempting to offer advice right away, Jen suggests waiting to see if the parent asks. "Let them know you'd be happy to have conversations about what has worked for you to keep your kids safe, but give them space to say 'yes' to your input."

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