The Death of Hugh Hefner

"The death of Hugh Hefner has elicited tributes of many kinds, including that he was a pioneer who liberated the sexual frustrations of a culture. In reality, his efforts and entrepreneurial pursuits helped enslave generations of both women and men." - Jim Daly, President of Focus on the Family"

Hefner himself was not single-handedly responsible for the massive social changes that rocked the Western world from the Sexual Revolution onwards, but he was easily the single most recognizable symbol of them all," LifeSite recently reported. Hefner had been inspired by the work of Alfred Kinsey. After launching Playboy in December 1953, Hefner wrote that "If Kinsey had done the research, I was the pamphleteer, spreading the news of sexual liberation through a monthly magazine."

Despite an outward appearance of luxurious fun and frivolity, Hugh Hefner leaves a legacy of brokenness. Pornography corrupts the enjoyment of marriage and objectifies the gift of sexuality. Pornography effects individuals of all backgrounds and beliefs. It is glorified within society. We do not rejoice in the death of Hugh Hefner but we do mourn for the millions of broken lives and countless victims he has left in his wake.