The Lost Art Of Waiting

The best things in life are worth waiting for. Unfortunately, Americans live in a culture where we don't have to wait for anything. Want to know the answer to a question? Google it on your smart phone. Hungry? Drive to one of the many nearby restaurants for a fast meal. Want the latest gadget or clothing? Go online and have it shipped to your house within two days.

So why wait for anything when we have everything so readily available? Consider a time where you received something right away. How long did you feel satisfied? Now think of a time where you had to wait - such as needing to save money for an item or waiting a full week for shipping. Which experience brought more joy?

A person can wait one of two ways: passively or actively. Kaylin Koslosky of the Chastity Project writes "The first (waiting passively) results in resentment of the time that was spent waiting and a feeling of entitlement towards the object desired. The second state of waiting (actively), results in a time of growth."

Whether you are waiting for a spouse, job or the latest smartphone, take time to celebrate the wait!