U.S. Surgeon General Mental Health Advisory

The U.S. Surgeon General, Admiral Vivek Murthy, recently issued an advisory warning about the decline in mental health for young people. The advisory cites a steep increase in suicidal ideation, depression and anxiety. While the report recognizes that mental health has many formational factors, it indicates that technology and the media are large contributors to the decline in youth mental health.

The Surgeon General's advisory does not provide much new information for anyone who has been paying attention. After last year's international shut-down due to coronavirus, in-person socialization for young people took a nose-dive, while isolation and screen-time skyrocketed. Youth mental health is sure to suffer under these conditions.

This Christmas break, you can help your kids enjoy the season by encouraging them to take a mental health break to recharge! Give them the time and resources to unplug, rest and spend time with family and friends.