Washington State Passes Radical Sex Education

Last week, voters approved comprehensive sex education (CSE) in the state of Washington. Last March, Washington Governor, Jay Inslee, signed SB-5395 into law, mandating CSE for grades K-12. However, due to tremendous opposition, it ended up on the ballot last week as Referendum-90.

Unfortunately, the referendum promoting sex indoctrination was approved by a 60 - 40 margin on the ballot. Radical sex education starting with kindergartners is now part of the state law. Whitney Holz, a mother of two young boys who also runs Informed Parents of Washington, stated, "We're disappointed at the results but proud of all that we accomplished." Parents will still have the ability to opt their child out of the education, but the dangers remain the same.

At Abstinence Clearinghouse, we believe that parents should be the primary sex educators of their children, not the public school system. 

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