What is Westworld?

Westworld, a TV series created by the television network HBO, recently released a second season. The show is set in a futuristic theme park that allows high-paying guests to experience the American Old West. The park is populated by androids, also called hosts, created to look like humans. The theme park is designed to allow the guests an opportunity to experience life in a variety of relationships and realities that they would never get away with in the real world.

According to Movie Guide's review, the immorality portrayed in Westworldis "not far off from Game of Thones in its indecency." Nudity, explicit violence and numerous sexual encounters are portrayed in each of the series' episodes. Westworld's executive producer pointed out that they wanted to make sure the show did not go "too far into the pornographic world and keeps it in the sensual world." By way of admission, the statement offers that the show has already entered the "pornographic world."

What may appear to be an innocent show about the American West is indeed an immoral depiction of a world with no consequences. Ask your child if they or their friends have watched Westworld. If your child has been exposed to the show, discuss what it would mean to live in a world where actions do not have consequences. Consider reading the article How to React When Your Child Has Viewed Pornography,by the Abstinence Clearinghouse, to gain a better understanding of how to address the explicit content your child may have been exposed to through the show. Finally, ensure appropriate HBO parental control settings are set on every device in your home. Click HERE  to learn how to set parental controls on your devices.