Why Pornography Has No Place In The Bedroom

When writer Luke Gilkerson's wife was eight weeks pregnant, she stumbled upon a conversation about pornography use in an online forum for pregnant women. Gilkerson was confused by the reaction women had towards their husbands increased use of pornography during their wife's pregnancy. "To some women this was deplorable. To other women this was seen as all right," Gilkerson wrote in an article published by Covenant Eyes. "I think wives who allow this to go on in the bedroom need to stop and think about the consequences," wrote Gilkerson.

Gilkerson challenges wives to think about what their standards are for a healthy sexual relationship and to think about all the psychological harms that come with repeatedly watching pornography. According to Dr. Judith Reisman, pornography causes men to be impotent, in the classic sense of the word: unable to function with their own sexual power.

Viewing pornography has been proven, for both men and women, to decrease sexual satisfaction in marriage, cause viewers to escape into fantasy and avoid connection in authentic relationships, lower the viewers perception of women and create a thirst for watching more pornography. Gilkerson concludes by encouraging women to fight for the sexual health of their husbands.

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