Your Guide to Shame-Free Parenting

Shame is painful, isolating and destructive. It tells us we are unworthy and can never change. We all experience shame, so it's essential that parents deal with their own shame in healthy ways, teach their kids to do the same, and avoid shame-based parenting.

Axis recently released A Parent's Guide to Shame-Free Parenting, a free download that addresses how parents can create an atmosphere of shame resilience in their home by making sure no conversation topics are off-limits and ensuring children know that they can go to their parents with hard questions.

We can help our teens move through shame toward living out of love and freedom by helping them to be shame-resilient. When we deal with sin and shame well, it looks like this: 

  1. When confronted with shame, pain, and/or sin, we reject the lies and believe truth, owning and repenting of sin if necessary.
  2. We accept God’s grace, receive His forgiveness, reconcile with others if necessary.
  3. We rest in God’s love, experience freedom and depth in community.

Read A Parent's Guide to Shame-Free Parenting now!