YouTube is a Facilitator of Sexual Exploitation

Last week, we shared a press conference by the National Center of Sexual Exploitation as they released their 2019 Dirty Dozen List. Among the companies listed, YouTube was found to be a corporation that profits from sexual exploitation, specifically child pornography.

According to NCOSE, "In April 2018 [YouTube] was criticized for allowing a pornographic ad to appear on a trending YouTube video, and in November 2017 it was revealed that YouTube's flagging system to prevent child victimization on its platform was reportedly malfunctioning for a year." It was also discovered that the YouTubeKids app has been infiltrated with disturbing and often sexual content (read more here).

Help us hold YouTube to a higher standard by signing this petition. We also encourage you to read the entire Dirty Dozen List and discuss each corporation with your teenagers. Are they surprised by the businesses listed? Do they feel the accusations are fair given that many of the corporations named are profiting indirectly through a second party? Encourage a discussion and possible actions that your family can take to end sexual exploitation.