Zoom Best Practices

Video-conferencing apps saw record downloads in the month of March. If you are working from home or if your child is distance-learning, odds are you have downloaded a video conferencing app in the last few weeks. One of the most popular apps is Zoom. Zoom is an incredible tool for staying connected with family, friends, coworkers and teachers. But, as with all innovative technology, there are dangers to be aware of.

Zoombombing is the process by which someone "drops" obscene content in front of others during a Zoom call. This can be blocked if the host has adjusted the file and screen sharing settings correctly. Students and teachers can guard themselves and others by using Zoom Best Practices.

If you are using a video-conferencing app besides Zoom, like Google Hangouts or Houseparty, be sure to read reviews to ensure that you have your security settings to allow for optimal safety.