6 Ideas to Give Summer Purpose

Summer is officially here! With it, parents are on the lookout for fruitful ways to fill their children's days outside the classroom. This can be a struggle, especially attempting to strike a balance between work and relaxation. But there are better ways for students to relax than sitting around a pool or playing video games every day. Growth is a continual process. In the summer, it is important to seek growth in fun ways.

That's why Tim Elmore is encouraging students to practice Summer with a Purpose (SWAP). Instead of sitting around, floating from day to day and letting the summer fly by, he encourages students and parents to put a purpose into the summer months in 6 steps:

  1. Determine family quality time goals.
  2. Decide on a theme for the summer.
  3. Plan vacations that fit the theme.
  4. Make a reading plan.
  5. Find a service project.
  6. Prepare for the school year.

Read more about how to turn your summer into a SWAP here.