A Biblical Perspective in Talking to Your Teen About Sex

Axis recently released a new video series called Sex Talk 2.0 in an effort to offer ideas, guidance and support to parents looking to begin talking with their pre-teen or teenager about sex from a practical, biblical perspective. So often, conversations about sex are dominated by "distortions of God's design." While discussing these distortions is important, the conversation should be so much more than that. This video series looks at the sex talk using four heart postures:

  1. Understanding that sex is primarily good.
  2. Learning the why behind the what.
  3. Recognizing that abstinence is agency.
  4. Knowing that we are God's image-bearers.

Using these four heart postures, parents can initiate an open line of communication about sex with their pre-teens and teenagers, helping them to recognize sex for the gift that it is.

Don't wait to watch Axis' Sex Talk 2.0 video series, available free of charge until Saturday, June 29.