Libraries Push Sexual Indoctrination

A young mind is the easiest to mold and many institutions are looking to take advantage of that. One such institution looking to impact children, and not in a positive way, is your local library. The library used to be a place where parents could allow children to browse books unsupervised and with an understanding that the content of the library's materials would be appropriate. This simply isn't the case as one mother recently discovered.

Andrée Seu Peterson went to the library looking for a Max Lucado book for her upcoming puppet show. She could not find any Max Lucado books in the "L" section, rather, she found a stand devoted to LGBTQ+ reading in the children's section. She sat and read through a few of the books and was astounded by there content.

But this is not just an issue at the library. If you walked through the children's section of Barnes & Noble during the month of June, more than likely you saw a similar table. WORLD recently released an article on the prevalence of indoctrination in our nation's public libraries. Read the full article here.