Adrian's Story 


"Deanna and I met through friends at a party one night, and ended up going home together. Not long after, we found out that Deanna was pregnant. She was 19, and I was 18. I didn't know what to do besides tell her, 'Everything will be ok. I will not leave you. I'll help take care of this baby.' After our beautiful baby girl Amelia was born, we both continued to battle with drug and alcohol addictions. When we got pregnant a second time with our son, Adrian Jr., we decided to go to a local pregnancy center for support during the pregnancy and enrolled in the center's weekly Life Skills Class.

The Life Skills Class Coordinator was full of excitement, joy and a love that we were not used to seeing. The center's classes prepared us with knowledge and parenting tips, and we were able to earn baby items that we could not afford on our own. In addition to practical support, seeds of change were planted in our hearts."
- Adrian


At the Abstinence Clearinghouse, we have the privilege of coming alongside pregnancy centers across the country as they empower men, like Adrian, in learning parenting and relationship skills to better themselves and their families. We are often reminded of the importance of seizing opportunities to plant seeds of change and inspire virtue in the lives of men and women.

By the grace of God, the seeds sowed in Adrian and Deanna's lives were brought to fruition. They surrendered their lives to Christ, have pursued God's good gift of marriage and have experienced healing from addiction.

Each day we are encouraged by those inspiring virtue on the front-lines. From our staff to yours, thank you for continuing to come alongside families in your community by encouraging and motivating positive change.