Pastor Emphasized the Importance of Marriage

Cohabitation before marriage is on the rise, but one Texas pastor is footing the bill to combat this phenomenon. In a recent article by Care Net, a 2016 study by Barna found that the majority of Americans "now believe that cohabitation is a good idea, buying into the 'test drive' before you buy philosophy of cohabitation as a practice run for marriage."

Pastor Brian Carter, Senior Pastor of Concord Church in Dallas, recognizes the potential harm resulting from cohabitation. Children raised in cohabiting households have a much harder time academically, socio-economically, and are more susceptible to engaging in "risky behavior" than their peers raised in two-parent married households. Additionally, unmarried women make up 84% of abortions.

This is why he challenged the cohabiting members of his Church to consider marriage, even offering to pay the bill! He would buy the tuxedos, dresses, rings, and one month's rent while they prepared for the wedding.

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