Anime's Growing Popularity

In recent years, you may have noticed more and more young people have an interest in the Japanese style of animation, referred to as anime. While some young people enjoy watching anime translated in English, the serious anime fans often choose to watch in Japanese with English subtitles. While there isn't anything inherently bad about a style of animation, parents should exercise caution when it comes to anime.

When anime first came on the scene, it was more innocent. In recent years, however, it has turned darker and more graphic. From violence to sex, parents need to be aware of the content. Anime even comes with its own sub-category called hentai, which is anime pornography. Often, anime draws its inspiration from the occult, paganism and witchcraft.

Do your children enjoy anime? Consider having a conversation with them about what draws them to it and whether it points them towards healthy relationships with friends, family and God.

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